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Maybe all that you need to do to change a homeless's life conditions, is to request "take my hand" ...
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It all began some months ago as I received the first automatically sent letter from SkillCrush. For the first time, I came in touch with WordPress; not just as a great blogging platform but a way to design complex websites for real commercial customers and earning a fair amount of money with little web development skill.

Even though very interested but I never took a course at SkillCrush [lack of time and money in right combination], but I think the person behind SkillCrush is an amazing, inspiring personality, here is what she tells about herself on SkillCruch’s website:

Just five years ago, I was where you are.
In early 2009, I had just begun a new job at a digital agency. Just 7 short weeks after starting, I was called in to a conference room and laid off.

As I sat, listening to the CEO explain the situation, I looked around the room and noticed something: of the dozen employees being let go, only one of them was a developer. Everyone else was a strategist or a project manager (like myself). One thing was clear: in that tough economic climate, if you didn’t have hard technical skills, you were expendable.

So there I was, laid off, with no real skills to speak of, left staring at a $300 weekly unemployment check and the worst job climate in our nation’s history. I was devastated, but I was determined to find my way out. And that’s why I’m writing to you today!

and this is amazing.

Living in Berlin, [for me waiting for a visa in Berlin], you can never avoid facing homeless people. I know German social system fair enough to know they don’t help homeless people in an efficient way and I mean having no homeless people in Berlin. [I won’t talk about politic, so don’t try to ask my personal opinion regarding this issue.]

I was for long thinking how to help such people in a way that they will become usual earning families in this society, definitively die Obdachlosenzeitung can’t help with this, so I thought we can buy free courses from SkillCrush and fee-free jobs from UpWork and invite some of the homeless people to go to public libraries, learn WordPress, earn money, become no more homeless and follow a career in web development and computer programming and since not all homeless persons would be talented for computer programming, first we offer help just to the one with those talents and a tiny little bit interest and later on we can offer other courses and freelance jobs to other sorts of talents among homeless population of Berlin, and if we were very successful we may as well adapt our model for a city like Paris, so a German-French undertaking. Amazing, yeah?

But I have no right in this country [I haven’t any regular visa just a paper …] so I forgot about working on this idea, till one day morning in the S-Bahn, there were two men sleeping on the floor, firstly I thought that he is ill and someone should call a doctor, but then I recognized he had made a pillow for himself with his clothes and nobody cares about him.

That’s too much for me. Thanks to Allah, I will at least try to do something, if Allah wills. I thought I may find a private person, interested in making up a non-profit organization, I accidentally met a person yesterday, working in such organization, but from that interesting conversation, a cooperation didn’t take place.

That you have thought, I would say the same things to someone else, hurts but even if I do so, there is no one to take your place in my life. No one reads how I feel from my eyes. No one is so intelligent to read what I think from my face. You gave your hands to someone else and even the name of this project is take my hand, and I wish all the persons, who may work in this project take so many hands of homeless people as possible [, if Allah wills] but there is just one person I can allow to take my hand and this is you, but it was not your decision.


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  • Author: Scrappy Nobody

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