Misleading definition of "men's issues"

Sometimes it is easy to forget we are social creatures, our actions whether we want or not impact others and issues are often more complicated than simply being an individual's shortcoming or misfortune ...
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shared by a friend on facebook

I don’t know, I think the list you put here discusses issues that are so multifaceted and complicated ... for example, I posted things about sexual abuse a year or two before all these #MeToo campaign cause I felt like needing to talk with someone about them and I couldn’t imagine to do it, so I published it on my personal page on Facebook, but at the end, I change the visibility of most of those posts to private ... I guess to me the hardest part was after reading Justine Musk’s reactions to her husband years after marriage, realizing all the people thought of me trying to present them a reason to have sex with me by talking about stuff like this ... but one thing I can tell you for sure, calling these things “men’s issues” is a reduction of human design, most of the things sexuality and relationship related are not “men's” issue or “women’s” issue, they are couples issues, sometimes they even span the couple-hood like sexual abuse or child custody or some of them even involve the underlying designs of society like alimony & the economic system ... reducing all these to “Men’s Issues” is just lightheartedness or otherwise the true oppressors who wish these issues never get solved would do this reduction deliberately


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