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Having baby isn't a recipe to rescue romantic relationship

Human beings by their very definition are imperfect. And as intelligent beings, even if we deny our imperfection with words, our subconscious is self-aware about this aspect of our existence; and there are plenty of strategies on how to live a life as an imperfect being, some are useful, some are extremely harmful even though they seem useful. One of the useful ones is to have a healthy degree of resilient and engage in living the life with a trial-and-error approach, watching out that anything you have done might have the wrong choice and as soon as you realize it, learning your lesson, correcting mistakes or ending that path or etc., and moving forward with the next time trying to achieve your goals while avoiding the same mistake. That's just one of strategies that is usually helpful, let's just name one example of the opposite effect: avoiding any behavior that could indicate you are imperfect, that means even if what you got is not what you wanted, instead of looking back and thinking with yourself "oh, I didn't know enough," or "oh, I had the wrong perception," or "oh, I was deceived/coerced/etc," you try to fix or improve what you have got, and that is never going to work, because the reason you got that thing in first place is those wrong beliefs, that lack of knowledge, or whatever-else which was the cause and unless you fix those you can't avoid making the same mistakes over and over and over again.

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