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Behind the Scene of a Novel in 778 Pages

The story behind how "a Novel in 778 Pages" was written ...

„A Novel in 778 Pages“ beyond its long sounding name while being made just from few pages, is a work with lots of aspects and levels for understanding. „a Novel in 778 Pages“ is not written to be understandable for anyone as it is for someone else. As well it can be felt like a humble hug from a never appearing lover, as well as it could work for someone as an act of enlightenment, by the order of Allah. In its core „a Novel in 778 Pages“ is talking through silence and its a process of awaking feelings through less description and much much less details. But beyond all these, all the thoughts and feelings behind the book, „a Novel in 778 Pages“, I would like to reveal a look to the events behind the scene of writing such novel, so there you go:

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