Life is more challenging for women

An intimate thought on how life feels for female and male ...
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I think life is more challenging for a woman. Maybe you should not say it this way, but when you are a woman everything in the world outside feels so scary, while a man would risk everything, or maybe you can put it this way, people who make a stupid out of themselves by taking too many risks are most of the time men [unless this risk is about trusting men].

Sometimes being a feminist woman feels so strange, as if you are playing the role of somebody else. Sometimes I just like to shout loud and after everybody has turned to may, say: “Can we stop this stupid fight and live how we want to live.”

I don’t know, sometimes this “culture face of gender identity that you should not follow” seems so artificial. I mean, sometimes you just want to go this way “okay, I know, this is the clothes that makes you look attractive to men, so, what? I should not wear it?” or some days there is a voice in my mind that goes like this: “Yeah, if I would have accepted being a feminist like a day job, then there would have been some vacations.”

The men I know in my life, makes me think as myself compared to them like this:

“if life would have been a sea and humans were small ships, then men are those ships who will leave the shore for every tiniest hope of something good, not even considering that the journey might be dangerous … so the one who travel alone will get lost in the dangers of the sea without achieving where they wanted to be 

and women are like those ships who are so scared of leaving the shore that if you knew them at the beginning of their life, you would have never thought of them living the shore … and if they have the right male ship close to them, they would no more be so scared of the sea, will head for the most dangerous journeys …”

I don’t know why do we need to be like men or men should be like women …

I kind of like both of these ships and I think it is beautiful that they are just successful when they are together. That one kind of the ships would hit the dangers sunk and the other would never leave the port unless it’s assured about a life long shipmate …

I like this picture, and I like my female friends who are feminist. But I am kind of wondering what if men and women are not equal and it is beautiful so.

I am so sick of those egoist men, who believe being a professional is just for men, like women won’t ever make a good artist as men, not to mention scientists or the unthinkable that women being politicians, but lately I am more and more wondering that men and women are best successful when they are together, and not when they behave the same way. I mean like that story with ships, it is not that important whether you are a female or a male ship, cause male ships without a good shipmate will destroy themselves in dangers, and females ships would never leave their secure area for a distant location, and ships with good shipmates will reach the unreachable parts of the ocean together.


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  • Author: Sarah Gonzalez

from Penumbra

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