Hard words against Bipolar diagnosis by the state of art psychology ...

Diagnosing individuals with Bipolar disorder not only doesn't help them but turns them into preys for harmful psychological damages sold as treatment ...
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I may one day write more on why and probably how our psychology got so wrong —if Allah wills, but for the time being, let’s talk about what matters:

Bipolar disorder is like living in a western country in the 16th century and calling the very few Chinese who live among you ‘physically ill’ creatures. Just you know, their eyes are so narrow, and they never grow tall, and they kind of remain young even though they are old and so on … but as we know today, the Chinese are just a different kind of human body. Comparing the population of China with that of Europe, you will find out that perhaps if anyone should be labeled as physical abnormality those very people are Europeans.

The point is that Bipolar Disorder, is neither a disorder nor a mental illness, not even an abnormality. It is simply a different kind of brain —if ever— and hence, the point is that our culture is designed very very narrow and our school system around the globe too. Those children and later adults, should and have to live a different life, just like Chinese, who won’t be able to wear average size European clothes, just because they are short. Individuals with Bipolar disorders neither need psychological treatment, nor medical treatments, not even meditations. They are the very normal. What is wrong, is that our culture is hugely designed to favor one particular behavior and emotional and mental reaction. Just like the Hollywood is designed to have white young good looking and thin female as their superstars. If someone is black, or not that young, or not that much suitable in respect of beauty criteria of Hollywood, or not that thin it doesn’t mean that a boy won’t die to be in bed with that woman or girl, but the Hollywood presents and promotes the idea that such individuals simply don’t exist in the world of hot sex and super romantic dramas; is that really True?

Unfortunately, the psychologists of our time are so stupid as much as you can guess the psychiatrists of our time are stupid. The same way that our advancement in physical treatment has led to beauty surgery, now you have these very psychologists, who try to feed you with medicaments or push you in any kind of treatment and lifestyle practices, just that you fit what our culture teaches and promotes to be the normal, the good, the rest is mental illness. But the real mental-ill, are those who instead of studying culture and creating alternative cultures, spend their times, resources and most importantly their intellect on transforming fabulous individuals into what the culture promote as normal and/or desirable.

I hope, either these very individuals, societies, associations, and etc. correct the mistaken path they have chosen or the God condemn them and their very false practices.

Honestly, it doesn’t impress us, how tempting your bottom line in sells of psychological services or beauty products might be. You suck, your profession in the way you misuse it, sucks and those who give up to your advice are rather victims, than the wonders of your works and abilities …


  • Author: Scrappy Nobody

from Penumbra

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