Brexit and a Scottish love letter

As today with the yes vote to the exit of Britain from the European Union, unfortunately, we are facing both critics and praises for and against the result of this referendum around issues which are of lesser value and importance. As nine months ago in my article “A response to Espen Barth Eide” I tried […]
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As today with the yes vote to the exit of Britain from the European Union, unfortunately, we are facing both critics and praises for and against the result of this referendum around issues which are of lesser value and importance.

As nine months ago in my article “A response to Espen Barth Eide” I tried to present the readers with the facts which are mixed and falsely represented to the audience by politicians around the issue of the European Union’s existence and it’s performance and functionalities.

I hope this time with presenting a simple explanation about what is going wrong in the European Union’s existence policy and its role and definition for ordinary members of population in each country, we can put our main focus on how to achieve a better quality of life both on spiritual and materialistic level of existence for each of the individuals living inside the European Union and in Europe.

The European Union’s success path

Besides the historical stories which are usually told when it comes to why do we live in the European Union, the reason for the current state of the European Union, which is a state of weakening unity, was clearly foreseeable in the European Union’s way of existence.

The European Union has tried to encourage their members towards a united identity by encouraging national competition among the members, in every field possible. To European people, these events look like the most obvious instance for their membership in the EU. For example, the Euro Vision Song Contest, which literarily has no musical value, is an event the majority of population in each member country celebrates it. That sounds nice to policy makers, after all people are busy finding their values as nations against each other, so no time for getting curious about what’s going on in the policy making bodies, but now consider it this way, children of the future will read in their history books: “The European Union was an instruction where each member defined their identity as a part of unity by combating the other members.” Is this a human version of unity? A group of individual who share a consistent mutual goal and are eager to help, educate, encourage one another and when necessary sacrifices for one another are called a unity. On the other hand a group of individuals who are consistently fighting with each other and consider themselves as a group because no one else out of that group is allowed to fight with the member of this group directly, is presence in societies with lack of moral. In mafia bands you will find such examples of unities, but let’s be honest, living in a society with lack of moral in which every moment you should be careful not to be damaged by someone else is not what human beings are born to do. The man can have moral, human beings can perform acts of unconditional love and yes human being can be worse than any other animal to other human beings. The way that the European Union has decided to present itself among the mass in the societies is of an inhumane nature. It is not that I am against competition, a healthy competition can make individuals and groups and societies to grow but a competition which is purely based on where you are born, is a very unhealthy or to put it simply a barbarian competition, and indeed it causes members to stand against each other and give rise to racism. One of the silliest examples is the German national football team, while the team itself is made up from German and immigrant, with a good portion of immigrant players, the team itself has performed a racists joke on the Brasil’s national team on the celebration of their World Cup win back home in Berlin. The racist reactions of the fans of this very team in the stadium is a clearer example of how can one nurture the roots of racism in the population through usual activities.

The other point is the European Unions way of policy making. The European Union is the rise of an elite outside of an unnatural way. The real elite consist of individuals who are on one hand extremely talented in a field, and on the other hand have had the opportunity to develop their talents through their lives. The real elite doesn’t come out of a specific school or a specific town, nor they are from any specific social background and inheritance. Just remember Galileo, Newton, Einstein, they surprisingly didn’t even taken seriously at young ages, yet they are the elite of physics in late years in their lives. But rarely the member of the European Union Parliament and the significant roles in its bodies come from unknown places. Most of these individuals are out of specific universities, with specific degrees, who has chosen a specific career path early on in their lives. Is there any farmer who became a member in the European Parliament, any man who was a day ago an insignificant school teacher to his or her colleague, but today a decision maker in the European Parliament, the answer is, unfortunately, no. The problem on hand is quite simple in nature. The real *elite raises up when there is high-quality free education available, no or very limited entrance barrier to a field and no background and qualification checks are required in order to propose or pursue an idea. A current example of such practices is the computer hardware industry and nowadays the software industry. Steve Jobs is one of a boldest elite member in this group. He wasn’t graduated from any university. He was an adopted child the result of an affection between a Syrian immigrant and an American girl, which was strongly rejected by the family of that girl and therefore given away. The ideas of the man were also rejected by IBM [the biggest computer manufacturer back then], he was indeed once fired from the company he himself has founded. Yet indeed with owe lots of great gadget and tools which we use on daily basis to him. Maybe without him, you might have needed a six months intensive course to be able to use a personal computer or a smartphone. But every child can use an iPhone … Just like the religious institutes before the industrial revolution in Europe, the EU has taken similar steps in promoting individuals inside its body. The result is that the elite which is currently performing on the EU being a less useful set of talents and individuals. Just think how stupid once the church was to believe they should burn individuals who believe in the idea that the Sun in the center of the universe. If the EU were to continue its current path, it would not have been science fiction to see the EU passing laws and regulations which were against its own population and those very population supporting such laws with their hearts, just as the case with every other *Constitutionalized Power.

A response to the Yes to Brexit

I hope both the European decision makers and its majority of the population realizes the wrong path they have taken in the way the European Union is defined and functioning. What is needed to be done is a redefinition of European Unity, this time with human values at its core, than the barbarian values, and a reshape in procedures which gave rise to the decision-making elite inside the EU’s bodies, so that instead of a Constitutionalized Power, every man with an idea be able to make his or her way to the top, as discussed before.

So, in case the yes vote to the Britain’s Exit from the EU would encourage such enlightenment inside the EU, in our history classes in the future we can celebrate the event of today. But if the vote to Britain’s Exit from the EU would remain unrecognized in respect of the real roots for such a decision, we believe the Exit decision might be the only way to deform such a Constitutionalized Power. In the same while, it is important to take into account that deforming a Constitutionalised Power is only the first step, furthermore, a unity among the population of the each continent and in fact among the human civilization as a whole is not a negligible goal. But the path to such goal is neither through European Unions, nor United Nations, but a loved and morally responsible population, such a population do indeed need a decision-making body, but such a decision-making body will have a totally different form than what we know today.

We hope such a future day will come …

A love letter to Scotland

But since as far as the eye can reach and the ear can capture the mood of the European political heads and the majority of its population, it is hard not to come to the conclusion that the EU, if ever, will have far harder way than elsewhere to come to a unity based on human values and not inhuman fake priorities. Therefore, we would like to have the last passage of this article devoted to Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon went to meet with the European heads and after the meeting with European parliament president, Martin Schulz, his comment for journalists on the meeting was nothing but that he has “listened and learned”.

If you are a teacher, you definitively heard this statement multiple times a years, a seemingly “good” parent comes to the school meeting for teacher and the parents and at the end of the meeting, when you ask that father or mother, what is their view, and they come back to you with “I listened and learned”. School children are not the concerns of such parents, and to those parents it never comes as a surprise that they learned about their children through what their school teachers have to say, after all, they are parents, not a school teacher, they shouldn’t spend time with children and they have more to care about than to think about how their child is doing, and who is he or she becoming. A yearly report from the teacher is for some, even more than enough.

The European parliament president is learning about what Scotland is and what they want, that’s a very good sign. Perhaps the European Union can devote a sculpture to such an important historical event, the day that the EU realized Scots were part of their family but they weren’t 100%-ly Brits. And like any other divorce, the other party first starts to listen, when the judge has ruled the divorce, that’s a progressive sign. After all, politicians are used to never listen, I mean never, not even after the divorce. Just remember the kings who died and still couldn’t figure out why the hell their folk chose to have parliament instead of their regime, and some never could think differently than that it was perhaps the work of the devil.

The European Union is not the place for Scotland. Scots, you are not like the EU members. You don’t hate the rest of the world. You don’t build your relationships based on mutual hatred. You don’t necessarily have to be a part of a union, which its single reason of existence is that the members of the union don’t get mad at each other and tear each other apart like hungry wolves, in a shortage of resources. Scotland you are more like a Merida1, who is trying to figure out her place in the world, who would like to see everyone making their choices based on what their hearts want rather than what the tradition dictates them. So, dear Merida, there is no place for you in the community of pirates whose only single bond is that they won’t steal from each other, at least as long as this bond is holding them together. You believe in the world that can be friends to each other, but the community that you are wishing to be part of is based on hatred. The community is just promoting the traditional values, you can’t be part of that community and chasing your own dreams and not giving a shit about the tradition. Scotland you don’t belong to this community. Merida, parents simply don’t listen. Merida, I believe you are too good for our world. Merida, hold yourself pure from all these people. Merida, you don’t belong to them.

Just let me say you few things:

Scotland, just like pìob mhór, that lots of people believe it does nothing but making noise, and indeed you still use it and we still enjoy it; Scotland, just like Amy MacDonald, when all the popular female singers perform for camera while their body exposition ranges from nudity to leotard, and she still doesn’t undress herself at all for the sake of a bit raise in the number of her audience and we indeed still resonate with her songs and sing along with her unique voice; Scotland, just like your childish attachment to every adults who spent just a tiny bit of attention to your well-being, I mean just like your love for the United Kingdom that even after a hundred years of abuse, you still vote to remain in the laps of her Queen; Scotland just like Switzerland in the past century that has been the temporary home to a fair number of great minds, being it Albert Einstein, who fled the Nazi regime and caused the first atomic bomb be made in the US instead of Germany, or being it Mohammad Mosaddegh, who left Iran’s kingdom regime and graduated there and later on improved a lot in Iran and ceased the abuse of British Empire on the Southern part of Iran, yet his ministership was eliminated by the plot of the very empire who couldn’t let a just act remain unsettled by the imperialists, I mean our world may need a new Switzerland for the years to come and you may found yourself being the only hope of lots of men and women who flee oppressive regimes and uneducated mass who follow such regimes, being it capitalists or cross-national corporations or whatever the future will present to us, but Scotland, the world needs a tiny piece of land, who has the childhood dream of love, who is honest and simply trusts everyone, Scotland the world needs you, Scotland remain independent …

  1. Princess Merida is the protagonist of Disney/Pixar's 2012 animated feature film, Brave. ↩︎


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