Presenting our hearts to a fake copy of the individual we love …

At the moments when it looks like that there is no hope for us to end up with the one we love each other, an interesting alternative might be to be with someone similar to them, however the price of lies to our hearts are often irredeemable ... We will look at a historical, a fictional and ... examples ...

You never hear its voice, and it complains are in such a different language that most often we don’t understand them. We are the members of the society which values efficiency and pragmatism above all. The most educated one of us spend their days and night perfecting an algorithm and only those who are worse off might end up reading a low-quality self-help book on how to trust their gut feelings. Our prophets are scientists and our religions are the never proved theories. We have forgotten our hearts, not only as individuals but as a society, and we commit the most unredeemable crimes on our hearts, yet not only we get away with it, not only our friends and those in our environment remain silent about it, but most often than not, we encourage it. Most often than not we see it as the only possible solution. Most often than not we forget a problem can be solved from thousands or millions different ways but pretending that it doesn’t exist is none of those ways.

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