Breeding submissive slaves (citizens)

It is hard not to realize we are suffering from enslavement and I am not talking about enslavement to our earthy desires, as it is talked of in some religious and spiritual contexts, I'm talking about being deprived of one's humanly choices on living ones life, we will discuss one method of this mass scale enslaving of the public ...
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Perhaps, there has always lived very few individuals who were well familiar with phenomena that nearly in all of history of human civilization unjust authorities untiringly support the means of repressing the mass, taking away their self-value and best, transforming them into obedient slaves.

Another thing that unjust authorities through our history have in common is the unjust and extreme accumulated of power, wealth, and livelihood by a minority. That minority from time to time has been a dynasty and the surrounding members of that dynasty, the ruling-class, the economically upper class, or sometimes even a religious class, or if we go long back a tribe and so on, and our times is no exception:

One of the report's authors, Mark Pearson from the OECD, told BBC News: "It's not just income that we're seeing being very concentrated - you look at wealth and you find that the bottom 40% of the population in rich countries have only 3% of household wealth whereas the top 10% have over half of household wealth."

This reflection on a report about wealth distribution in rich nations, is one of countless examples you may find on this topic, however, while reports that study rich nations often warn about a growing gap, the reality is that if one takes the poor nations of the world into consideration, the term "disaster" seems more appropriate. However income disparity on itself is not the matter of our interest in this article, what I hope you to recognize is that like all those other historical examples, we are in lots of ways not much different from those unjust authorities who enslaved the mass, yet for most people, especially those in wealthier corner of the world, the idea that in this time the mass is enslaved is an upright illogical and impossible fiction, remote from ever being the reality, however it indeed is the reality.

However this is not the oddest difference of our societies than those in the past, as often it were not much clear for all members of the repressed mass that they are being unjustly enslaved, but the odd difference is that unlike most of the repressed masses in the past, we have more books than ever, more public libraries, the schooling is even obligatory and we have so many universities and all other means of studying and spreading information with such low costs never available to humanity ...

The more unfortunate fate of us is that indeed the term "best, transformed into obedient slaves" is true to us and we don't even feel the pain. We can't feel the pain and if we do, we can't act open it as a natural human would naturally respond to such pains because we have been cut off our souls from childhood and this disconnect has been reinforced to us again and again and again ...


Most of us have undergone Intercision and we are told that Intercision is a brilliant thing and those who had an unsuccessful Intercision must be avoided. [I will tell you more about what I mean by Intercision a bit later, for now, let's think of it as a sort of psychological operation that can be performed on someone in childhood or adulthood, but this operation is most effective at younger ages.]

We are told that undergoing Intercision is the foundation to be part of the society because otherwise, we would have questioned the nobility. We would have asked ourselves whether we shouldn't be whistle-blowers and stop pretending that we don't have a brain in our head or that we don't know our bosses are lying. Cause otherwise we would have walked naked on the streets for the shame of child labors in Bangladesh and hungered in supermarkets full of the industrially produced meats and fishes. Otherwise the rich were obliged to share their God gifted wealth with the rest of the population instead of lobbying the governors for creating tax heavens and perhaps we would have built a statue of middle finger in front of most of the significant historical rulers just as an act of apology to all the unjust they forced on those who were different. But alas schools are there to rescue us since we are young. Schools are there to take away our ability to judge, our ability to make decisions, our ability to live in happiness ... Did you hear it dear founding father of the mistaken "Free World"? from top to the bottom of the Earth the God has gifted us with means that makes us happy, yet you take away those means and made them the property of the privileged and the rich and fooled the rest with the idea that it is their right to "pursuit" happiness, may most of them never live a happy life.

It is always hard to realize the oddness of something when it has become the norm, and it will become impossibly hard if we happened to grow up in such norm. Unfortunately, that's the tale of most of us. Intercision is one of those odd things, and it hard to realize that we have undergone such psychological operation, as if we look at anyone around us, they all seem like us, our dysfunctionalities which are the forced results of this psychological operation, are in everyone that it is hard for us to imagine ordinary human beings will naturally live without these dysfunctionalities for all their lives.

Just as an operation alone may not always be enough and often patients are asked to take medications after the operations, the Intercision is also, so far, not enough perfected that we need to take reinforcements in order for the results of this operation not to be reversed by our psyche.

Next, we will look at the mean of reinforcement that is relevant to our version of the operation that we are discussing in this article.

Intercision reinforcement methods in adulthood

Most intellectuals are fooled to believe it is the US's two political party system that the news always try to disclose "both side of the story" to us, however, the two-party system itself and the news' obsessions with "both side of story" are some of the reinforcement mechanisms of Intercision operation which we have undergone in our childhood.

We have been so much fed with the news in the "argument and counterargument" style that most people believe there is always two sides to things, and to most people, these two sides are existentially interdependent, one can't exist without the other. There is no black without white, happiness has no meaning without sadness, joy can only exist if there is such a thing as pain.

The problem is not that for every political issue there is a democrat and republican idiot that is eager to give an interview and oppose each other's policies, the problem is that solutions often don't recognize party affiliations, and often they have more to do with the roots of the problems than with visible symptoms.

Take for example the issue of abortion. You may think "there is literarily two side to this", don't it? "Yes or no". If you are one of these people, let me be honest with you, you are either a fool or uneducated. I know you watch News every weekend, but maybe that's exactly the reason, or to be honest with you, one of the contributing reasons. The mass media and almost all independent media is designed to reinforce the Intercision and a most often and visible method is the "argument-counterargument"-style of publishing.

Besides the question whether abortion should be legal or illegal, there are lots of other far more important questions:

  • why had the girl sex before marriage?
  • why had the girl sex with someone who she didn't want to reproduce each other's combination with?
  • why is she financially unable to raise her child by herself?
  • why is there no boy/man to love her, marry her and help raise the child and the rest of their future family together?
  • why can no fucking other family take care of that child?

Would you please not say, that abortion is mostly done by feminists. Not long ago feminist was a synonym for lesbian in US' daily language and feminists are often girls with school education, wealthy family, or at least not a poor family, and more than middle-class socio-economical conditions, and it is not a wonder that this is the case, because otherwise, you don't have the time to wonder about the role of men and women in the society, you are busy feeding your stomach. Abortion happens often because of socio-economical reasons, often individuals who see themselves left with no other means of sexual satisfaction than to fuck without love and so on1. You can discuss day and night on whether abortion should be legal or not, that won't change anything. On the other hand, the percentage of the population who marry out of love will revolutionize a nation, positively or negatively. Can't you see that?

Of course, the male and female journalists who cover these stories have had erotic experiences with the opposite sex on occasions2. Don't they know the difference between fucking someone and loving someone? Are really all of them deniers of love?

Not only the news avoids to talk about love when it is the root of the problems, on all levels in the society, we have replaced other things in place of love. First, children are not raised with their parents, so they rather not be exposed to a loving relationship by their parents, then, the best that the school system offers them is sex-ed, nothing about love. The TV is full of movies and series and even weather forecasts with erotic touch, rarely, the web is full of porn, and the news if full of warnings that look: "everybody else is doing worse than you, why aren't you damn satisfied that you aren't killed in Iraq war, by terrorist in Paris, or by earthquake in …" –I mean if you allow me a bit of sarcasm–, you have to be blind not to realize that everybody is trying their best to prepare the single members of the society to love the individual they love and build a family and live happily ever after together. If this all is not enough, let me give you one last example: we consider the guy who fucks the most girls or women possible a winner or an alpha-male, smart and so on. We never ask how many of those intercourses happened after marriage and because both of them loved each other. Intercourse equals scores. Do you wonder why a boy fucked a girl and that resulted in a child that neither hoped for?

The Dark Ages was the time when privileged and wealthy stole the teaching of the God revealed to humans through Jesus and started using the Intercision mechanism on the mass to keep the church in power. You should be a fool to believe the author of this article would have feared of the same happening because of Adam Smith. Adam Smith's ideas have barely anything to do with what is today worshiped as "Capitalism", or to be more precise they come from two different foundations. The units of activity in Adam Smith's model are ordinary human being with soul, spirit, emotions, feelings, thoughts, brains, or to say better with a full inner-self and one of the main concerns of Adam Smith's thoughts is that this inner-self be developed the best possible, however in today's "Capitalism" models human beings are thought of rational being with one feature: greed. Feelings, love, affections, moral all these are considered nonsense in today's religion of capitalists. It is not hard to imagine Adam Smith would have been an activist with dirty dresses in our times, or perhaps you would have caused him a heart defeat, if you told him what we argue to be his teachings, just as Jesus would have denied being the son of the God, or that any idiot would allow himself to be called the "Pope", without even a consultation by the God and pretend to be the representation of one of the trinities, which itself is a lie.

Let's look at a story of one of the examples of this kind of wrongs by the mass:

And the folk of Moses, after (he left them), chose a calf (for worship), (made) out of their ornaments, of saffron hue, which gave a lowing sound. Saw they not that it spake not unto them nor guided them to any way? They chose it, and became wrong-doers. [148]

And when they feared the consequences thereof and saw that they had gone astray, they said: Unless our Lord have mercy on us and forgive us, we verily are of the lost. [149]

And when Moses returned unto his people, angry and grieved, he said: Evil is that (course) which ye took after I had left you. Would ye hasten on the judgment of your Lord? And he cast down the tablets, and he seized his brother by the head, dragging him toward him. He said: Son of my mother! Lo! the folk did judge me weak and almost killed me. Oh, make not mine enemies to triumph over me and place me not among the evil-doers. [150]

He said: My Lord! Have mercy on me and on my brother; bring us into Thy mercy, Thou the Most Merciful of all who show mercy. [151]

Lo! Those who chose the calf (for worship), terror from their Lord and humiliation will come upon them in the life of the world. Thus do We requite those who invent a lie. [152]

But those who do ill-deeds and afterward repent and believe - lo! for them, afterward, Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. [153]

Then, when the anger of Moses abated, he took up the tablets, and in their inscription there was guidance and mercy for all those who fear their Lord. [154]

Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall's translation of Quran

Here is Moses' reaction. Jesus and Muhammad, unfortunately, kind of share the same faith. Now, you want to believe that the mass didn't do the same to Adam Smith? You are fooling yourself.

First Adam Smith's view of human nature and his economic ideas was turned into the view of humans as a profit generating machine that benefits a few and enslave the rest into less-than-humans machines, but the mass didn't stop with the conventional industries, nowadays we live in societies where democracy and the news functions under same false assumptions.

The journalists are supposed to not having brains. They have to present the facts and both sides of the disagreement to the public and rather remain objective. Besides the fact that it is impossible and a deception, the problem is that we are so obsessed with "argument and counterargument"-style of media production that we often forget that most of the times in life we don't need arguments and counterarguments at all, if there is a problem that we couldn't solve so far, probably we need an innovative solution to it. Nobody needs to know whether abortion has to be legal or illegal, but that unborn child needs to have a good way to live, the mother of the unborn child needs to have a good way to live with her child, and that father have to come to his mind to care for his offspring. Sorry guys, abortion is just a symptom, problems are elsewhere, and solutions are never discussed.

People discuss that it is important for the public to know both sides of a disagreement and make the decision themselves, in reality, this way of decision making is so absurd and useless that even Business Schools don't promote it. The very business schools whose graduates are responsible for all sorts of harmful decisions across the globe. They teach this fancy sounding concept "multi-criteria decision analysis", in which decisions are made with the help of a "decision matrix". Which comes from the reality that often available options are far more complex than we being able to make a good decision by just listing the "pro" and "contra" arguments after each other. A typical example of using this tool is deciding the brand to purchase a special equipment from. Now, idiots in the newsrooms are fully conceived that the "best" is to present the public with "arguments" and "counterarguments" and the public would be able to make the best decision possible, while the issues discusses are often worlds and worlds more complex than which brand should we purchase our delivery automobiles from. Let's be frank, most of the journalists are idiots, the rest are assholes who benefit from reinforcing the Intercision of the public.

Just as the blue collar workers are the best if they only and only follow the instructions and don't have morals, brains, emotions and all the other humanly things, individuals who work in our democratic institutes are the best, if they can't think, feel, judge and so on ... and the public respectively as well.

Just take a look at an example of what could happen if someone happened to not be that way:

Trust, directed by Hal Hartley (1990)

The success of mass production style factories in making a minority ever richer while at the same time turning everyone else into slaves, lead to replication of the same from the top to the bottom of the democracy. Just as an example: the very institutes who run the world to financial crises advised or maybe frankly said chose some of the crucial choices of Barack H. Obama's administration. Not only Barack H. Obama literarily have little to no impact on decisions made in his presidency, worse, he isn't even much accountable for what he says in public, even his false promises are the ideas of his speechwriters, you remember: "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it". Basically, it was one of his young speechwriters' ideas3 to say that while at that moment it was clear to the administration that most people must become fools to the advertisements of insurance companies for changing their plans to a more expensive one in order for Obamacare to work as it supposed to.

When the executive branch of a political system is run in the same framework as enslaving production line, you can't expect the media to be managed any differently. Invisible to the public, a journalist won't be allowed to write, if his or her opinion is not presented in "argument-counterargument"-style. If the guy him or herself won't do that in his or her piece, there is a piece with the opposite view most of the time on the same page, or in the same TV show and these arguments and counterarguments are almost always unnecessary details that have no use unless in specific cases. All problems have solutions, and if two individuals contradict each other on what the solution is or ridiculously they contradict each other on whether a problem exists or not, often the truth is that there indeed is a problem out there and there is a solution for it, these idiots are only a distraction from understanding the reality. If two individuals sincerely contract each other, then they simply don't know much.

I hope, so far you are a bit clear about the examples of reinforcing the Intercision which is forced upon us from childhood, but let's look a bit at what it means.

What is Intercision?

I borrowed the word Intercision from "The Golden Compass" animation movie directed by Chris Weitz which is an incomplete adaptation of Philip Pullman's first book of the trilogy "Northern Lights".

Philip Pullman tries to give a physical feature to human's "inner-self" by introducing "Dæmon"-s.

Dæmons are the external physical manifestation of a person's 'inner-self' that takes the form of an animal. Dæmons have human intelligence, are capable of human speech—regardless of the form they take—and usually behave as though they are independent of their humans. Pre-pubescent children's dæmons can change form voluntarily, almost instantaneously, to become any creature, real or imaginary. During their adolescence a person's dæmon undergoes "settling", an event in which that person's dæmon permanently and involuntarily assumes the form of the animal which the person most resembles in character. Dæmons and their humans are almost always of different genders.

Although dæmons mimic the appearance and behavior of the animals they resemble perfectly, dæmons are not true animals, and humans, other dæmons, and true animals are able to distinguish them on sight. The faculty or quality that makes this possible is not explained in the books, but it is demonstrated extensively, and is reliable enough to allow humans to distinguish a bird-shaped dæmon within a flock of birds in flight.

Some further paragraphs down the same Wikipedia page there is a quick explanation for what Intercision is:


In the trilogy, a special guillotine made of manganese-titanium alloy is used by the General Oblation Board to separate people from their dæmon without killing them (known as intercision). However, unlike the prolonged separation known as a skill among witches and shamans, the guillotine permanently severs the bond between person and dæmon, and drastically reduces the person's creativity, intelligence, and psychological will: the adults who have successfully gone through the process seem blank and lifeless, and their dæmons subdued and incurious.

You can find a more sophisticated account of what Philip Pullman means by dæmon in the works of Julius Kuhl. He is the developer of PSI (Personality Systems Interactions) theory. In Julius Kuhl's theory what Philip Pullman tries to talk about by the fictional add-on to all human, the dæmon, is called "The Self" or professionally called: the extension memory. Perhaps some features of what Julius Kuhl tries to describe as intuitive behavior control could also be attributed to the dæmon. Based on Julius Kuhl's theory "The Self" is the decision-making super-computer in us while "the purpose memory" or simply called "Reason" is the problem-solving equipment, and the difficulty starts when we rely on our "Reason" to make decisions instead of our "the Self".

Intercision in this sense is when we lost our trust and our ability to use our "extension memory" or the so called "The Self". While it is better to ask Julius Kuhl himself, but I guess it is "The Self" part in our existence than enables us supernatural experiences, imagine Moses' mother, who gave her child to the Nile, if she wanted to solve that problem with her "Reason", she would have never ever come up with such an idea. Firstly our Reason's capacity only extremely limited, but even when it comes to Reason we are forced to learn and only allowed to use "argument and counterargument"-style of reason. Children grow up in the environment when they are punished for solving questions differently and rewarded if they use this method. Our education systems are extremely designed to avoid children ever facing problems that might require their "The Self" to solve them. Our education systems are the worse imaginable places for someone "The Self" to be developed, and for children's to grow naturally, that is how the Intercision happens in our societies [of course there are dozens of other forms as well but we only study here this particular method].

How Intercision is performed in children via forcing them to internalize "Argument-counterargument" life-style

Just to have handpicked one example, in every age children at school learn to write essays, however an essay must be presented in this pre-defined format which has no use but to contribute to Intercision:

Like all human ventures, the conventions of the academic essay are both logical and playful. They may vary in expression from discipline to discipline, but any good essay should show us a mind developing a thesis, supporting that thesis with evidence, deftly anticipating objections or counterarguments, and maintaining the momentum of discovery.

Fortunately or unfortunately all the individuals in the schools are blind to the obvious that most noble works of human history did never contain argument or counterarguments. Most impactful texts in human history are often in one way or the other forms of poetry not these Intercision-contributing regulations on children's works.

The chieftains of our societies are working extremely hard to be sure no child around the globe misses on Intercision

Unfortunately, the Intercision is so wide-spread in our times that perhaps the only individuals untouched by it, who might have a healthy The Self or Dæmon, are those who are untouched by the privileges of living in the modern world. So, maybe the fact that a good percentage of the world population is living in extreme poverty is, after all, a good news, because they could serve as a reserve of natural human beings, however, it looks like that soon it will no longer be true.

First, European conquered the rest of the world in the name of "colonization" but as the fellow grow more enlightened about what it means to be a human, there was no more much space to see foreigners as naturally born subordinates. So, the next move was that the government handed over his systematic injustice to corporations. Now, every injustice in foreign countries is carried on under the disguise of some nameless owners of big corporations, however, just as it happened that the owners of those corporations could dictate whatever they wanted around the globe if they were able to pay the price for, journalists find their ways to access all other corners of the world and soon it become harder and harder and harder to hide that the misery of poor nations is related to economic prosperity of the rich ones. Is this done justly? This is one of the top global questions for a couple of decades, but eventually the rich and privileged discovered the most advanced means of repression: Intercision and this time they are non-profit organizations who cover up the mess.

As stated in the introduction Intercision has been with human civilization but it was never practiced in this form. The most peculiar milestone for this progress comes from the moments when parents in the rich regions of the world accepted the idea that they are the worst to care for their offsprings, and they got fooled so intensely that they no more question how the State who has a record for inability to run any other business venture according to capitalists' religion, is a better caregiver for children than the family. So we ended up with societies in which parents are fooled to believe education system will be a better parent for their children than they could ever be, and it is better that parents work both in slavery style factories to pay the education fees for their children instead of having small family-owned and family-run businesses that enable most of the members of the family to be with each other 24/7.

If one were to look from above the grand picture of events of the interactions between the rich and poor regions of the world, is rather a sinister joke than any morally valuable action: First, the rich regions stole the hard works of adults in poor locations on the Earth, then, they turn in as philanthropists who pretend it's the God's call upon them to re-build their model of education system for the very children of the people that they stole their wealth in order to help them out of poverty. Would there have been any need to help those children out of poverty if the rich weren't there in the first place and didn't steal the fruits of the parents of the poor children? Now, you got the joke, smile!

It rather seemed to be a well-crafted plan on all scales, which it is pointless to discuss every detail of it, because our aim is not to keep an oversight on whether it is executed correctly or not, that you know the core of education system is Intercision and that the wealthy and privileged is trying to replicate exactly that kind of school system around the globe, is enough to become awake and try to reverse their acts, question their unjust actions, and act as an alternative, so we picked up just one or two examples.

Working female in poor countries are in America's interest

You may wonder why a nation whose population is apparently undergoing a gender revolution —which in reality is only a fake description for side-results of Intercision— is so eager to direct their philanthropist activities one way or the other towards one gender. Wasn't it that the US government should act gender-neutral in their actions?

The kind of explanation for US' female orientated philanthropist ventures goes like this:

The United States has made economic development a central tenet of its national security policy, alongside defense and diplomacy. One of the best and most cost-effective avenues for furthering economic development is investing in locally owned businesses, and yet the United States currently has no means for effectively and efficiently doing so. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have shown great potential in spurring economies, but their owners—especially women—are often unable to acquire the skills, resources, and support necessary to grow and sustain their businesses. Promoting local programs and global initiatives that encourage investments in SMEs and women entrepreneurs in lower-income countries will strengthen growth engines, diversify economies, improve communal well-being, stabilize societies, and accelerate progress toward international development goals. All of these results are in the interest of the United States, and could be achieved more quickly with the creation of an American development bank that aims to invest in and direct technical assistance to entrepreneurs in lower-income nations—the next-generation emerging markets.

Words are marked bold by me.

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, "Banking on Growth: U.S. Support for Small and Medium Enterprises in Least-Developed Countries", Council on Foreign Relations, Policy Innovation Memorandum No. 39 (December 2013),

There are few key elements here that make it impossible to hide the truth behind the lies. Firstly, the motivation of all these has nothing to do with moral values, religion, God, or simply kindness of mankind towards one another. It is done in the name of national security policies.

In every textbook, article, research and etc which is done for the government, there is one common conclusion line: "we must directly help women". Sometimes it is said that we should do so cause men are short-term interested and will spend the money, or go after marriage and hence the money will be spent on the economically not profit generating activities, here the argument is that there are naturally more female entrepreneurs available, so, we must give the money to female.

The reality is that female-first economic development promotion in poor nations results only in: fewer families, fewer children being able to be at home, hence more schools, hence those people come to the Intercision based education system of this "national security" motivated philanthropist with their own free will.

I am not against helping poor regions through direct economic interventions, however, there are millions of measures available, for example forcing the companies at home to pay higher wages to contractors in poor nations. But that's not in the interest of US "national security". What about not changing the regimes of nations that don't follow the US policies? I mean none of the countries that US changed their regimes for being lefties, turned out to act in favor of their population, rather in favor of the US. But as you see the US and all other rich nations are unwilling to change themselves in order to help the poor, and in fact, they are unwilling to help the poor in the first place. The motivation is "national security", it has nothing to do with those who are living in the poor regions.

Bill and Melinda Gates: perfection of Intercision-based eduction system

While Bill Gates gained his wealth for no other reason that reproducing the CocaCola in the world of computers, I mean the prominent Microsoft Windows and Office, so a man whose wealth is built upon creating a monopoly of bad-quality operating systems and softwares and addicting the mass to it, and destroying competitors however possible, has apparently turned to a philanthropist over-night. Don't you wonder why this over-night spiritual shift didn't transform the bastard-style business strategy of the Microsoft into a humane one? The answer is that there has never been a shift of values in Mr. Gates. Bill and Melinda needed a mask to cover their ill-deeds, they found "philanthropy" and the rich and privileged felt so flattered by their attempts that they finally received " the Presidential Medal of Freedom", here is how The White House reflected on their philanthropic actions:

William H. Gates III and Melinda French Gates.  (Applause.)  Few people have had the profound global impact of Bill and Melinda Gates.  Through their work at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, they’ve demonstrated how the most capable and fortunate among us have a responsibility to use their talents and resources to tackle the world’s greatest challenges.  From helping women and girls lift themselves and their families out of poverty to empowering young minds across America, they have transformed countless lives with their generosity and innovation.  Bill and Melinda Gates continue to inspire us with their impatient optimism that, together, we can remake the world as it should be.  (Applause.)

Fortunately, The White House of President Barack H. Obama has no need to hide that Bill and Melinda, didn't help families to grow out of poverty, instead, they helped "women" and "girls" to lift "themselves" out of poverty. That's the single most idiotic thing one can do, because at the end of the day unless, for Jesus's among us, the rest of us wants to have our own families and reproduce children, now, if you are philanthropist would you rather help girls and women find the partner they love each other and then build the family business according to their talents, or would you only give your help to "women" and "girls" and only to lift themselves up economically. The United States' White House, or the Gates who made billions are not idiots, they know what they are doing. They are acting to get one way or the other everyone to hand their children to the state for development, and that doesn't stop there, the states are then obliged to develop children under an education system that has Intercision in its core. There is no need for the use of force in these respects. Education is in itself a costly undertaking even for rich states, so the money of Bill and Melinda is enough carrot to make every state adopt their plans. And when the states take on a policy as discussed before, even in the most democratic locations of the world, there is no question, there is no second thought.

Bill Gates' cruelty and ill-minded profit models have their own fame in the circles of computer programmers, however, no journalist in the United States got the joke that as long as the empire built on greed is there how could its emperor turned to a philanthropist.

Here are some paragraphs from an interview with the only person who sensed there is something wrong with Gate's vision of education system in the United States:

Anthony Cody: In my book, I share a series of challenges that I posed to the Gates Foundation, and to Bill Gates himself. The real challenge we face is that which the Gates Foundation states it has taken on — how to make our society, and our education system, more equitable. However, when I look at the approach they have taken, I see some basic problems. Their approach has been to pursue standardization and the metrics of test scores in order to put market forces in the driver’s seat in education. This has had very bad effects on students, who are not at all standard, and on teachers, as well.

... Therefore I was surprised when, in a moment of candor, in an interview last March at the American Enterprise Institute, Gates said this.

Well, technology in general will make capital more attractive than labor over time. Software substitution, you know, whether it’s for drivers or waiters or nurses… It’s progressing. And that’s going to force us to rethink how these tax structures work in order to maximize employment, you know, given that, you know, capitalism in general, over time, will create more inequality and technology, over time, will reduce demand for jobs particularly at the lower end of the skill set.  And so, you know, we have to adjust, and these things are coming fast. Twenty years from now, labor demand for lots of skill sets will be substantially lower, and I don’t think people have that in their mental model.”

When I see the remarkably low pass rates for the Common Core tests, which apparently are low by design, this makes me wonder if there is some sort of rationale being created for a two-tier society — those who have passed the tests and proven themselves “college and career ready” and the rest, who have proven themselves unworthy of such opportunities ..

This interview is appearing in a newspaper not really because the journalists are there to figure out what's going wrong and then report it to the people, rather it is for the sake of the publisher's profit for a book.

The US government feels a strong commitment to having girls in the schools in poor countries of the world

It's not only the ultra-rich class of the society that is interested in pushing such agendas. Just like nearly all of the US history that the government is only there to protect the rich and privileged from the rest, the United States' government has been eager to spend taxpayers' money on low-return long-term psychological changes in the rest of the world.

Initially established by President John F. Kennedy by Executive Order on March 1, 1961, the Peace Corps was formally authorized by the Congress on September 22, 1961, with passage of the Peace Corps Act.

The Peace Corps enjoys bipartisan support in Congress. Senators and representatives from both parties have served as Volunteers.

The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and House Committee on Foreign Affairs are charged with general oversight of the activities and programs of the Peace Corps.

And here you have the piece of their agenda related to the education:

Let Girls Learn

Educating girls is essential to healthy and thriving communities but, globally, 62 million girls are not in school, and barriers to adolescent girls completing school are particularly significant. In some countries, fewer than 10 percent of teenage girls complete secondary school. Since the launch of Let Girls Learn, Peace Corps Volunteers around the world have responded to the call to make a difference in their communities of service.

Again instead of helping a region, a local community, a family, grow economically strong, so they have enough surplus to spend on the education of their children or female members of the family, if that's really what breaks the heart of American public, the US governments' method is going after bringing girls to schools by themselves directly. Why? If you want to help, why the hell not help a community to grow as every community would naturally grow? It was not long ago that most females in the West didn't attend schools4 and what changed that had more to do with economic conditions than with a foreign government's direct philanthropic intervention in the European's affairs. The only reason for such actions is that nobody must be left without Intercision, and the US government is eager to pay the price for it, cause as you see this is one of the programs that enjoys "bipartisan support in Congress".

Not every single one who become rich turn to an asshole too

While the term "entrepreneur" is coined with who makes it from zero to millionaire, or maybe from millionaire to billionaire, to some, entrepreneur-s are just a different kind of humans. While everyone can choose to become a tyrant, entrepreneurs in that sense, are driven by evolving the society in which they live, on a large scale. An example of such individuals is Elon Musk. While the US is full of schools, the father of five, who was sexually abused by his father, decided rather not to trust any other school and built one of his owns from scratch:

While Elon Musk's actions for moving to Mars might be unprecedented, his school system is nothing new, and in my opinion not the best form of the education either, however, none of the governments of rich regions has ever realized that this is the better path. Do you think all the education ministers in past centuries were mere idiots? Intercision is one of the reasons that progresses happen so slowly in our times, for example, someone like Bernie Sanders who inspired mostly the youth, failed to come up with such recommendations for the education system.

The ending words on Intercision

The process of Intercision has gone so far that every day more children are unable to answer the question whether they feel attracted to the opposite sex or the same sex. This inability is so insane, cause if you only and only look at the genitals, penis, and vagina are designed to interact with each other, yet the youth are unable to realize that5.

If you would understand Intercision, you would be able to know why our governments are more than ever harming us, we are more than ever aware of it, yet we display no resistance. "Resistance" is too complex a decision for our "Reason", hence barely any of the children who have had a successful Intercision would ever be able to do it. Global warming might destroy human life on Earth or severely damage it, the Schutzstaffel's surveillance on the home population in Nazi Germany is a joke compared to the NSA's undertakings in the United States, the United States, and Europe decide on their own if they wish to change a foreign regime, and one way or the other the regime of that country is overthrown and replaced, pharma-industries charge patients sky-high prices for drugs that are developed to 90% with public funding and tell it is only to compensate their Research and Development costs. Any reasonable human would be stunned to know that the mass is aware of these and that there are numerous proposal available to our civilizations for solving these issues and apparently we have freedom of speech, assembly, and even democratic elections, however, nothing happens. The mass is barely ever dissatisfied with the system for any of these reasons, while these are the direct and indirect causes for most of its sufferings. If the mass wasn't the children of Intercision we would have long experienced numerous mass revolutions. However, the mass lives in all these conditions and accepts it with its own will.

A word to that daughter of the Obamas [and all the extremely few who extremely fortunately, didn't have a successful Intercision]

To me, Barack Hossein and Michelle Obama are intelligent people and it might not be a big wonder that all these Intercision methods —which has grown at their best advanced in the United Staes— aren't working so well on their offspring. Actually, it was Michelle Obama herself who was once labeling one of her daughters with terms such as "salty biscuit"6. In order to respect the security of Obamas children, especially that girl and keep her identity secret, I won't try to guess who is whom, on the other hand, if it is hard to live without Intercision in our times, it is quite impossible to do so as the child of the president of the very state with the most advanced forms of Intercision, I would like to gift a bit of my knowledge to that child of Obamas may you put it in your life-backpack and use when necessary, so, here we go:

Dear Obama's daughter, nowadays that nearly all children are undergone Intercision before adulthood, let me tell you that I am glad you exists or maybe I should say, I am so glad that it didn't work on you. It would have been beautiful if your parents would get inspired by your gifts, and wake of this Intercision-thing but even if that never happen, it's great that you aren't like them, I understand that it means you might feel lonely among them but that's because of them, or better said, because of the society in which we live that does these unjust to everyone it can ...

Dear Obama's daughter, if you sometimes feel or think that to live as a human is frustrating, depressing, or at best, hard and exhausting, let me tell you that this is what the society wants to picture for you. To live as a human is the easiest thing one can do, the frustration and depression come from living among humans who have undergone Intercision. The hardness and exhaustion are not a result of being a human but rather the natural reaction of a human being who is exposed to morally wrong behaviors of Intercised mass.

Dear Obama's daughter, one of the best means of such society to force you to undergo Intercision with our own will, is to label you with things to make you feel to be an outsider, they may call you a dreamer, an idealist, a nerd, an intellectual, or they might prescribe you a list of psychological disorders, but remember you should never let any of these false claims of the system on who you are, force you to accept Intercision on yourself. If you are not like other people, it is only because they have lost access to their The Self and their The Self is extremely underdeveloped, not because there is anything abnormal about you. Just because the privileged and the wealthy might not like your opinions, don't allow them to dictate you what your brain should be. Your existence is the God's creation and there is nothing wrong with it …

Dear Obama's daughter, in our times when from top to the bottom of the society is filled with Intercised individuals and full of Intercision reinforcing practices, it is the order of the day that those who aren't that way should find themselves lonely, and that you are the daughter of the former president won't allow you to be an exception, however don't forget no matter how effective their attempts, no matter how much money they spend to back their actions, there is the God who will guide the ones He wants. Moses was raised in the house of Pharaoh and yet became His prophet. No matter how unlikely the possibilities of finding the light, the God will guide whomever He wants in the light ...

Dear Obama's daughter, if there would be one thing that I tell you before I will leave this world: if ever you felt stuck and didn't know what to do anymore, read a bit from Quran. Apparently one of your grandfathers was Muslim, but Islam is not a religion that is transferred through the blood, and I understand that you may never become a Muslim, however, I know that this book contains more than one could imagine, may it be your rescue …


An example Intercision reinforcement in adulthood

Few words to important individuals for me ...

Elon, Justine, Talulah, and the rest of five young Musks, if you do live a good life, ask you all the best from Allah ... Elon musk, sometimes your actions make me really afraid and I just wish, at the end someone who understands you would tell this about you:

David O. Russell: I've watched Jennifer grow up since we first met her on Silver Linings Playbook. She walked on as a 20 year old girl who was not famous. She asked these two what it was like to be famous. Hunger Games had not come out yet and I watched her have to deal with an enormous amount of attention and all sorts of things, and remain true to herself and find her voice of power and dignity. I watched her buy her own house for the first time and unpack her boxes, and I've seen her to learn to conduct herself and protect herself while still being true to herself. That takes a certain power and she made herself starting at 14. To me in a way the movie's about Jennifer as well.

On Charlie Rose's show

I think it's better not to talk about those things in public, but you made it public and it hurts some people's heart … Justine, why should women be this way? Ask Talulah, who went with a guy she met at a bar telling her he wants to show her his "rocket". Maybe, like you, she guessed it means something in his pants, but when it turns out both suggestions to be true, either you learn to live honestly, or you began to live honestly. When such a guy tells you "…" you don't mistrust him for all of your marriage and then sit with an interviewer telling, I was a "starter wife". Not everyone who wants to have sex with you will lie to you. Once upon a time you have to learn it is possible to live honestly and some people try to do it, and one of them might be the person who married you. You shouldn't let your womanly insecurity ruin who you are and then make a blog out of it.7

The last word to the Obamas' daughter and everyone like her …

I will stand against these unjust practices as much as I can, if Allah will, however, in case I don’t live long and you indeed follow this path, my prayers with you …


I understand for people who live in "Necessary Illusions" it is hard to distinguish conspiracy theories and from any other thing, so let's have a look at accounts by other people:

Canada, education, and a civilized society

Basically, the garbage terms Canadian used to justify the genocide of native population, by the time it was too late to just kill them with a gun.

While for most American Canada is the nicer America, and America itself is the best nation in the world, for example, take John Green's account of Canada in his Crash Course Series:

Canadians are just so nice, Stan. Like all we do on this show is make fun of them, and they're just like, "It's so kind of you to mention us. Here's some mittens!"

Dear Canada, we're not always nice to you here on Crash Course, but you are awesome. I'm pointing, but you can't tell because I'm wearing mittens.

World War II: Crash Course World History #38; Uploaded on Youtube,

The same reaction you will get from John Oliver, the host of Last Week Tonight, the guy who is famous for his lines joking about other nations, who has no other word than nice things about Canada.

But let's take a look at one of Canadian's attempt to gift their civilization to another folk, to the folk that they stole their land and mistreated them:

We meant well; How Americans rebuild Iraq ...

While the term whistleblower is the wrong term to use for a guy who has served the US government till his retirement and his book was published after "the State Department cleared it for publication without question", as the author, Peter van Buren retells it in a piece on The New York Times Opinion, February 19, 2017.

While he still holds lots of false misconceptions typical to that of US citizen, the following paragraphs from his piece might be a bit clarifying on what the purpose of philanthropy by US government is and for that matter, perhaps any other rich and cruel authority through the history has been:

My orders from Washington were to nurture entrepreneurs among rural women whose husbands would not allow them to leave home. So we handed out money for people to open bakeries on streets that lacked running water and electricity. There was the chicken-processing plant we helped establish that threatened to disrupt a food chain that had served the region for hundreds of years. A short-term giveaway of animal vaccines ended by driving up their prices beyond the means of local farmers after my team had moved on.

This sounds almost comical now: My boss directed me to fund a theatrical production intended to persuade warring Sunnis and Shiites to stop killing one another. An Off Off Broadway show was not going to fix the sectarianism running amok in Iraq.

In short, I saw a hemorrhaging of American taxpayers’ money on propaganda when the Iraqis lacked basic health care, clean water and other essentials that we could have provided but did not. I felt the way I imagine civil servants today do: The country I loved serving wasn’t living up to its ideals.

And those who believe in the system and served the system with the believe, which in reality is the illusion, that they are doing the right things, he first talked with his boss(es):

I spoke with my boss in Iraq. He told me to do what I was told; his boss said the same. When I took my concerns to the inspector general, I was advised that what I was witnessing was not fraud or waste, but policy. Back in Washington, no one at the State Department would meet with me. I went outside the department, but when I attended a semi-clandestine meeting with Senate staff members, I could see they had trouble believing me. My reporting was 180 degrees from what they had heard officially from both the Bush and Obama administrations.

And perhaps a side-remark: Bush and Obama's administrations, the same apple just different bites ...

[Jon Lovett: ]( really like — I was very — The joke speech is the most fun part of this, but the things I'm the most proud of were the more serious speeches I think — health care, economic speeches, and I think —

[Jon Favreau: ]( wrote the line about, if you like your insurance, you can keep it.

[Jon Lovett: ]( dare you? (LAUGHTER) And you know what, it's still true. It was cool getting to do both of these things, but I think that the serious speeches are the part where you're thinking, this — that's when you feel the weight of what you're doing.

Charlie Rose's Interview with Obama's Speechwriters, Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett and David Litt; 05/09/2016;
And about the fact that Barack H. Obama wasn't an idiot not to understand this promise is empty:

    <p>Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., said the budget office analysis shows the legislation “fails to deliver” on Obama’s promise.</p>
    <p>Dallas Salisbury, head of the Employee Benefit Research Institute, called Obama’s promise “an aspirational statement.”</p>
    <p>“If he was a king, he would deliver that, but he’s not king,” said Salisbury. His group is a nonpartisan information clearinghouse on health and pension benefits.</p>
    <footer>[HE ASSOCIATED PRESS](; Promises, Promises: Obama’s Health Plan Guarantee; 90.9 WBUR-FM, Boston’s NPR News Station's website; June 19, 2009;</footer>

and in his own words:

    <p><b>Chuck Todd:</b> Do you feel like you owe these folks an apology for misleading them?</p>
    <p><b>Barack H. Obama:</b> You know —</p>
    <p><b>Chuck Todd:</b> Even if you didn't intentionally do it, but at this point, they feel misled. And you've seen the anger that's out there.</p>
    <p><b>Barack H. Obama:</b>You know — I regret very much that — what we intended to do, which is to make sure that everybody is moving into better plans because they want 'em, as opposed to because they're forced into it. That, you know, we weren't as clear as we needed to be -- in terms of the changes that were takin' place . And I want to do everything we can to make sure that people are finding themselves in a good position — a better position than they were before this law happened.</p>
    <p>Keep in mind that most of the folks who are gonna — who got these c — cancellation letters, they'll be able to get better care at the same cost or cheaper in these new marketplaces. Because they'll have more choice. They'll have more competition. They're part of a bigger pool. Insurance companies are gonna be hungry for their business.</p>
    <footer>Chuck Tudd's Interview with Barack H. Obama (NBC News, November 07, 2013)</footer>

  1. Even in a wealthy family, if the woman had the assurance that her child won't turn to her misery, won't become a risk for her marital options or relationships, won't make her unable to find the love of her life, and lots of other concerns which nearly all of them are socio-economical concerns in their core and quite rarely pregnancy related concerns, so it is hard to argument women seek abortion with free-will. Imagine a gifted author working for a well-paid newspaper, while he or she would have quit his or her job and worked on his or her novel full-time if it didn't make him or her broke. ↩︎

  2. Even though, for the US perhaps, this might be not in so far futures that it become something rare, as there are more homosexuals in the media. ↩︎

  3. ↩︎

  4. Perhaps, the boldest example is Marie Skłodowska Curie who was not allowed access to further education and went on to win the Nobel Prize, as the first woman. She, her husband, and her child won Nobel Prizes, so as you can see, basically you have to be an asshole to believe help must be directed only to the female members of the society, it's hard to deny that Marie S. Curie's husband has no value in her becoming successful, as you apparently have no idea that they won the first Nobel Prize together. Stop being an asshole. You ain't born as a human to turn into assholes, don't do it to yourself. ↩︎

  5. Even to an uneducated mind it should have been obvious that our society must have undergone some psychological operation because human babies start to be able to fit geometrical shapes into each other as soon as around 12 months age, so, it is impossible for them to have this ability so weakened that they can't grasp the correct response to their sexual organs. That our societies allow to label statements about these plain observations as homophobic, is a sad joke, as an observation can't be homophobic. Our sexual organs are not designed with hetero-favoritism by nature, heterosexuality is the option in nature [of course, when things are normal, not in trauma or forced cases …]. ↩︎

  6. Michelle Obama on Late Show With David Letterman April 2015. ↩︎

  7. If you want to be a blogger, instead of blogging in retrospect on how you ruined your own life, write on how to live a good life, and before that, start to live a good life … I mean fuck all the religions, but if you really think "Oh, why the God doesn't show Himself to me", Dear Justine Musk, once upon a time, you have to fucking come to realize, just as Elon Musk tried to love you and you believed he's just a liar like the men in Hollywood movies, there are the God's words available at your fingertips and you mistrusts it because of asshole preachers who abused humans in the history and most of them are still doing so. Dear Justine Musk, it's good to suspect lies, but when the truth is there and you label it as just another lie. Dear Justine Musk, calling Elon Musk's marriage to you "starter wife" experiment, won't make you being loved. Get Pickthall's translation of Quran in your hand, discuss it with someone who understands the book. Dear Justine Musk, one day you have to understand there are honest people out there and reading Quran today and learning how to live a life might be better than tomorrow. ↩︎


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