Open proposal to Mr. Vladimir Putin

To those who have eyes and ears the plot of the ill-minded men in the shadow suit of politics to wage the final war on that piece of land gets closer with every day ... Yet, we don't wish to drown in despair or run away, instead 
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Mr. Vladimir Putin, for old-school diplomats you have always fallen in foreign policy traps that the West has provided for you, the most recent and bold one being Syria, but unfortunately this time you are falling without any pre-organized trap for you. I am talking about Donald J. Trump and that you fall for a man who has nothing to offer but empty words, and who seeks nothing but materialistic success for him and only himself.

We could have ignored you and simply watched you fall, but because the current plot smells like a war against Russia, we hope to prevent the civilians casualties ...

Mr. Vladimir Putin, below is our most digest recommendations on how to best avoid being forced a war upon by wealthy nations:

Firstly. You have to be clear that Donald J. Trump is going to have no benefit for Russia but one application, that among all other candidates, he is the only man who could declare war on Russia, and for the rest of history of the United States the ruling elite can pretend that he simply wasn't one of them and if they were at the top, they would not have done the same. Just as nowadays Germans want to have nothing to do with Hitler but when you look at their policies, the path they have taken leads to no other place than an ultimate ruling of Germans on all other Europeans, including but not limited Russia. I hope you know about these all well, just in case the ordinary readers of this article are not aware of, Germany is literarily governing Greece after the failed attempt of the former government of Greece to get out of the EU.

Secondly. No other policy will be to your benefit than distancing your country as far as possible from Donald J. Trump. D. J. Trump claims his deals to be the best deals in the world, but if you look at his records all the people who made a deal with him are either extremely dissatisfied or still not much awake from the betrayal and deception that D. J. Trump run over them, that they don't know they should feel sad for themselves. That's one of the main characteristics of a con-artist, and the simplest cure against them is to avoid them and to understand them as enemies to one's self.

Thirdly. Unfortunately, it appears that no one in your advisors is aware of the fact that the best defense against West's invasion is in the state of public opinions 1 of those countries about their government's decisions. I am not here to teach you about why the elite of the United States and Germany, France, Britain, etc. wish to invade Russia. If the history of the past couple of centuries hasn't shown you enough about who these people are and what they desire this short article is unable to open your eyes for you, however what is important now to understand is that these elites are more desperate than ever in the history to fool their population about the necessities of such wars and exactly there lies the key to preventing the war, and I am going to talk more in detail about this not only for you but every other contemporary member of societies as well, whether on the invader or the victim side of Western countries' unjust wars. Unfortunately, here again, you have fallen into the trap of the West for you. RT instead of undermining the US's internal affairs should have opened up the internal affairs of Russia and all other countries to the world, from a different perspective. The public has literarily no control over the foreign affairs of their nations in today's wealthy nations, so, you can't stop a war only because two percent more of the population in the US hate their government thank to RT, however, you may cause the question of whether to go to war with Russia or not to fade away from the public in the United States, if people have a sense of how and why the decisions are made in Russia, especially in respect of foreign affairs.

Fourthly. The only way to prevent this war is to run your government as transparent as possible, to publish the detail of all decisions, discussions, negotiations and etc., not only that but to open the background reasons for your decisions and actions to the public and that public, is not only Russian's population but the US and rest of big powers in Europe. Mr. Vladimir Putin, you have to understand that the US has been running a propaganda against you since years, a propaganda so severe and so widespread that from school kids in the US to housewives, they view you as a former spy who plots the assassination of the rest of the worlds and drops chemical weapons on the children in neighboring countries. Remember, the US did one-tenth of this attempt, and it was enough to invade Iraq and Kill Saddam Hussein2 without any trial, for a false reason. Mr. Vladimir Putin the fastest way to prevent this invasion is that the next head of state of Russia being someone as different as you. We understand that such radical shift in a corrupt nation like Russia is in itself a big thread as there may be no guarantee that this guy won't turn against the Russian interest, however, but politics have always been a game with high risks and if one has to die it is better to die fast than sipping on the death piece after piece for a while.

Last Word. Mr. Vladimir Putin, this is perhaps the last and only time someone tries to prevent the catastrophe which is about to take place in Russia. You can take this proposal to your heart and act upon it or dismiss all the arguments here altogether, but we see ourselves obliged to the best interest of human beings, and whether the rich and privileged may like or dislike it, we are aimed to perform our best and this open proposal being a piece of those attempts, another piece is that we decided to have Russia as one of the future locations for N's Ideas Hub, so the region may once again be on eye level with the major economic powers on the planet ...

Appendix 1 | Unjust wars and the belief system of the majority population in wealthy nations

Mr. Vladmir Putin, we hope you are well aware of the reasons why the western nation's ruling class had been and still is aimed to conquer Russia, and we don't believe it to be a good strategy to try to change the minds and hearts of the ruling class of the wealthiest countries of our time, but that ruling class is nothing without the support of the majority of the population.

Mr. Vladimir Putin while this appendix might be useful for you, we shift our main audience from you to the ordinary citizen, because it seems more appropriate due to the focus of this appendix on the ordinary citizens.

While a change in the heart of the ruling class is almost impossible, for us as ordinary citizens, we are free to change ourselves. Hence, the main focus of this appendix will be on how the what we believe in as ordinary citizen provides the ground for fake justifications for unjust wars by the ruling class and in the search for the answer to this question, you will also realize what might be our only way-out of current downward spirals of today's societies ...

The warmongering rhetoric of today's wealthy nations is at its core not much different than that of rich provinces and empires centuries ago and maybe not much different than for all unjust wars for all human's civilizations on the Earth, however, as our focus is on Russia and the United States, we will take on this example.

Barack Obama and lots of other US officials have been preparing the public consciousness about this future war for few years now. The deception works this way [(Obama, 2017)][Obama]:

And no one who threatens America will ever be safe.

... But, protecting our way of life, that’s not just the job of our military. Democracy can buckle when it gives into fear. So just as we as citizens must remain vigilant against external aggression, we must guard against a weakening of the values that make us who we are.


That’s why we cannot withdraw from big global fights to expand democracy and human rights and women’s rights and LGBT rights.

No matter how imperfect our efforts, no matter how expedient ignoring such values may seem, that’s part of defending America. For the fight against extremism and intolerance and sectarianism and chauvinism are of a piece with the fight against authoritarianism and nationalist aggression. If the scope of freedom and respect for the rule of law shrinks around the world, the likelihood of war within and between nations increases, and our own freedoms will eventually be threatened.

Barack Obama's farewell speech 2017 | The text is cut from different parts of speech and emphasizes are made by me, for full transcript you may look at the trasncript

These arguments are absolute nonsense. Not only the United States ways of life has nothing to do with "women rights", "LGBT rights" or even "human rights", rather for nearly all of its history the United States has been against such issues, and not only that but the United States is one of the last places on the planted that is trying to make improvement on these subjects.

Just for the case of Women's right (McGee and Moore 2014):

The Middle East, AD600s: Islam is founded in Arabia and allows women the right to inherit estates, own property and initiate divorce. As in Jewish law, when a parent dies the eldest son receives a double share of the inheritance. Men can inherit half their wives’ estates, unless they have a child, in which case men only get 25% of the estate. ... Americas, 1718: In Pennsylvania, women are able to own and manage property – if their husbands are incapacitated.

Americas, 1771: New York becomes the first US state to require a woman’s consent if her husband tries to sell property that she brought to a marriage. The act also required the judge to meet privately with the woman to reassure himself that the signature wasn’t forged or her consent coerced.

The Middle East is about 1200 years sooner than the United States to allow women the rights to own property. So how does it come that a colony built on the genocide of the native inhabitants of that region is aimed to teach the rest of the world "human" values and "way of life"? How do these people not only don't shame themselves but cheer with Barack Obama's speech? The answers to these questions are extremely simple, yet extremely invisible in case you don't have much of understanding of human nature. I try to draw your attention to what answers these question in the following paragraphs.

The mass is willing to engage in wars and will always be willing to engage in wars as long as they define themselves with the concept of "nationality" and as long as national identity is believed to be [one of] the cornerstone of each citizen's identity. The mass suffers under these false perceptions because the mass is deceived.

The excessive desire in the mass to accept any kind of war with any alternative nations comes from the condition that national identity is supposed to provide answer all the questions which once were answered by religion and in this respect, the United States is no new invention in modern history. Not long ago French tried the same path.

Before the outbreak of French Revolution, the church was strongly criticized for some of its practices thanks to the newly available technology of printing press, yet at its peak, the French Revolution turned into an experiment of replacing "religion" with "nationality" in the daily life practices of the majority of the population.

The daily life of the majority of the population in the United States in lots of respects resembles a lot to that of a more stable adjusted agenda in French Revolution which would have been designed to last longer in advance.

Even those who try to deny the existence of a higher being often agree that humans cling to believe in such existence as if it is an inborn property by us. And of course, it is an inborn property in us, because such a being does indeed exist and we indeed have the desire and need to worship such being and as soon as we turn away from it, our troubles being.

As soon as you deny the existence of a higher being religion becomes pointless. While all currently widely practiced religions around the globe are full of bullshits added extra to the religion because of some idiot preachers in their past or present, following a religion provides the comfort that you are doing the right thing. Following a religion means that what you are aimed for is approved by a higher existence in advance, and we are designed as such that we can't live without this approval. Exactly this lack of approval is what drives the United States to try to export its way of life to the rest of the world, even if their attempts are "imperfect" and "bloody". Hossein's article provides an interesting picture of the comfort of a believer and the discomfort of a denier in their daily life, if you understand that, it should be comprehensible that every single instant of an individual, group or society that lives any different than "our way of life" points to our lack of comfort and trust in our hearts, the feeling of terror that rises from not having an answer to the question "How could I know I am doing the right things?" Because the answer to this question can only be satisfactory if there it comes out of a balance between the voice inside us, the reality of the environment which we experience and the direct and indirect guidance of that higher existence. Any single one of these failing, or not being in the right amount, the answer to that question won't ever satisfy us. What Barack Obama, US officials, US intellectuals, and most of those who work in the media and education system are aimed at is to avoid attempting to find satisfactory answers to that question but to try to destroy every single thing that would remind us that we have this unanswered fundamental question in the back of our mind. One of those examples is nations who do just well, while not practicing "our way of life". This is one of the highest sins in an atheist society. Keep in mind that by atheist society I don't necessarily mean one that doesn't have a [fake] "religion" but one whose population's consciousness is out of the balance in respect of the three factors we stated before: " the voice inside us, the reality of the environment which we experience and the direct and indirect guidance of that higher existence".

If you believe in yourself being grown up in a seemingly religious family/environment and hence not super needy for a national identity, maybe the below example helps you to see I am not exaggerating:

Jordan Ritter Conn (2016) has covered a story of Syrian immigrant to the United States, opening with the following lines: "Riyad Alkasem left Syria for America 26 years ago, fleeing tyranny and despair. He arrived expecting utopia, and he found it. He never expected American bigotry. But he found that too.” The interesting part of that interview is how a man who fled from Hafez al-Assad’s regime, whom he describes as a “butcher” in the hope of living in a great political regime has come to see himself with no value, without trust in that regime as now Donald Trump has raised to power and things seem to be upside down, instead of the rosy dreams he believed on about the US in the past. He says: “I believe in this country because I have to,” he says. “Without that belief, I don’t even know who I am.”

What do you think about this immigrant? Maybe he fled Syria about for religious reasons, huh?

Sorry, here is how it is reflected in the article: "He is a Syrian American Muslim man". Of course, it is wrong to call him a Muslim as how does it come a Muslim to believe in a country. This is at odds with bones and flesh of Quran. However, neither this guy himself nor the journalist gets the joke that he can't be a Muslim while his highest belief is in a "nation" and without a nation, he doesn't know who he is.

Now that you are aware of all these backgrounds let's view some suggestions on how to best prevent unjust wars by wealthy nations forced upon poorer ones:

  • We have to understand that "nation-state" has a political definition and function, nothing more or less. There is no such a thing as "nationality". Nationality is has nothing to do with your identity or the identity of any other human beings. And of course, if you are aware of all these, it won't take you long to realize that the concept of "nation-state" is best designed to abuse a population rather than to be a more advanced form of government to that of "empires" or "tribes" ...
  • We have to find our ways back to ourselves, to the Higher Existence, to the reality, we have to throw away the bullshit add-ons of preachers from most of the religions, we have to live with the best possible religion ...
  • and in case these two acts seems too hard and too radical for you, the very least you could do is to do as much as possible for everyone to understand that the concept of "our way of life" is as meaningless and as useless as the concept of "nationality" itself, to show to people that this is only a fake alternative for religion and the approval of the Higher Existence ...

Appendix 2 | Additional information for the general public

The excuse of spreading democracy

Noam Chomsky | America Is Not A Democracy

Maybe after all a nation which is not a democracy itself, won't be able to teach others to become a democracy ...


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  1. By October 2002 it was becoming hard to ignore the fact that the world was "more concerned about the unbridled use of American power than . . . about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein," and "as intent on limiting the giant’s power as . . . in taking away the despot’s weapons. " World concerns mounted in the months that followed, as the giant made clear its intent to attack Iraq even if the UN inspections it reluctantly tolerated failed to unearth weapons that would provide a pretext. By December, support for Washington’s war plans scarcely reached 10 percent almost anywhere outside the US, according to international polls. Two months later, after enormous worldwide protests, the press reported that "there may still be two superpowers on the planet: the United States and world public opinion" ("the United States“ here meaning state power, not the public or even elite opinion). (Chomsky, 2003)


  2. In September 2002 the Bush administration announced its National Security Strategy, which declared the right to resort to force to eliminate any perceived challenge to US global hegemony, which is to be permanent. The new grand strategy aroused deep concern worldwide, even within the foreign policy elite at home. Also in September, a propaganda campaign was launched to depict Saddam Hussein as an imminent threat to the United States and to insinuate that he was responsible for the 9-11 atrocities and was planning others. The campaign, timed to the onset of the midterm congressional elections, was highly successful in shifting attitudes. It soon drove American public opinion off the global spectrum and helped the administration achieve electoral aims and establish Iraq as a proper test case for the newly announced doctrine of resort to force at will. (Chomsky, 2003)



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